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PhysioPD™: Breakthrough Investigative Techniques

Our PhysioPD™ modeling services go beyond PK/PD modeling, enhancing client research and clinical teams’ ability to answer critical questions in ways that take full advantage of our quantitative capabilities and perspective.

Bridge the Data Gap

The diseases being targeted by today’s pharmaceutical researchers are complex. They often involve dynamic, time-dependent phenomena. No human being can understand the subtleties, elaborate feedback, overriding processes, and intricate relations that characterize these diseases and their corresponding drug treatments without help.

PhysioPD models greatly extend researchers’ capabilities. By incorporating physical laws into a physiologically sound representation of a wide range of experimental results, PhysioPD models make it possible to discover logical implications of profound importance – findings that are easy to overlook without a model for interpreting data and testing hypotheses.

With PhysioPD maps, models, and simulations, drug R&D teams can more quickly and less expensively understand how to identify their best drug candidates and how best to advance them – increasing the probability of success.

PhysioPD™ Products

PhysioPD products and services are solidly grounded on publicly available data complemented by the client’s proprietary scientific and clinical data and expertise – which is all understood from the vantage point of our rigorous quantitative perspective. Whether the goal is a qualitative PhysioPD map or a quantitative PhysioPD model, we always remain focused on informing the client’s most critical decisions.

PhysioPD Map

  • A comprehensive, qualitative view of the physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology that support a key decision
  • An exquisitely organized and searchable repository of relevant data and key literature references

PhysioPD Model

  • A comprehensive, rigorously quantitative model of the physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology that support a key decision
  • Beginning as an enhanced, quantitative version of a PhysioPD map

PhysioPD TrialSim

  • A collaboratively developed set of insightful simulations that allow researchers and management to visualize, understand, and (as appropriate) improve mechanism of disease and drug action, patient variability, clinical trial designs (protocols), potential value of in-licensing opportunities, and much more

Own the Map, Model, and Simulations

All PhysioPD models are created using commercially available modeling-and-simulation software. When we complete a project, the client owns the model, its copyright, and all the results of simulations conducted during the project. And because each PhysioPD model is built collaboratively with the client’s drug-development team, members of the team become expert model users, capable of running and modifying the model to obtain additional results, test new experiments, and apply the model to other projects.

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  • What makes PhysioPD maps and models statistically tractable
  • How we validate PhysioPD models
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