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Management Team

Samuel Holtzman, PhD Cofounder, Chairman, President, and CEO

A founder and the former Chairman, President, and CEO of Entelos, the world’s in silico biosimulation leader, Dr. Holtzman has more than 20 years experience solving complex pharmaceutical problems. A former partner at Strategic Decisions Group, where he specialized in pharmaceutical strategy and decision systems, Dr. Holtzman is the author of Intelligent Decision Systems (Addison-Wesley, 1988), several book chapters, and many papers. He is a consulting Associate Professor in the Management Science and Engineering Department at Stanford University; holds a PhD from Stanford and an EE, SM & SB, from M.I.T.

Ron Beaver, PhD Cofounder, Executive Vice President, and CFO

Dr. Beaver is the cofounder and former Managing Director of the consulting practice at Pharsight Corporation, the biopharmaceutical industry’s first combined CATD/strategic analysis practice. He was also the cofounder and leader of the Pope Street Group, a strategic management consultancy and venture incubator, and a former Associate at Strategic Decisions Group. Dr. Beaver has a PhD from Stanford and a BA from Iowa State University/Simpson College.

James R. Bosley, Jr, PhD, PE Principal

Dr. Bosley was previously the Senior Director of Product Management at the Pharsight Corporation. He has 20 years’ experience executing and managing mathematical modeling projects for biotechnology, chemical, disease pathophysiology, and drug disposition processes. He has held senior technology and project management positions with Entelos, Fluor-Daniel, and DuPont Central Research. Dr. Bosley has a PhD from the University of Texas, an MS from the University of California, and a BS from the University of Wisconsin. He is a member of ASCPT.

Rebecca A. Baillie, PhD Chief Scientist, PhysioPD

The former Scientist at Entelos, Dr. Baillie was a leading developer of Adipocyte PhysioLab™, and brings 25 years’ basic research, drug discovery, and biomarker development in metabolism, diabetes, obesity, and lipid biochemistry to Rosa’s team. Dr. Baillie has experience in large- and small-scale physiologic models and simulation for drug discovery, drug development, and biomarker research. She has a PhD from the University of Iowa and an MS & BS from the University of California at Davis.

Richard Ho, MD-PhD Principal

Before joining Rosa & Co., Dr. Ho was the Director of Disease Simulation at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development in La Jolla (San Diego), and he brings 20 years’ experience in biomedical research. Since 1998, he has focused on physiologic modeling and systems biology, and he drove the adoption of physiologic modeling approaches in J&J’s pharma sector to provide decision support for both small- and large-molecule R&D in diabetes, anemia, and asthma. He completed a residency in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Rheumatology at Yale; and has an MD-PhD from SUNY Buffalo; an AB from Harvard; and a California medical license.


Bernadette DeArmond MD

Founder and former President, Pacific Research Associates. Formerly Senior Vice President of Medical and Regulatory Affairs, ICON Clinical Research.

Alan Dunton MD

President & CEO, Panacos, Inc. Former President & CEO, MetaPhore Pharmaceuticals; former President Janssen Pharmaceutica (part of J&J).

Wolfgang Greb MD PhD

Founder and CEO, Focus Clinical Drug Development. Formerly VP, Worldwide Clinical Pharmacology, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals.