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Pioneers in Drug-Disease Modeling

Our team helped develop physiological modeling. Rosa’s founders, Sam Holtzman, PhD, and Ron Beaver, PhD, respectively cofounded the two most successful “first-generation” drug-disease modeling companies. Dr. Holtzman cofounded and was Chairman and CEO of Entelos, Inc., currently the leading provider of large-scale mechanistic models. Dr. Beaver, along with Dr. Donald Stanski, cofounded the consulting business of Pharsight Corporation, the leading provider of PK/PD modeling services at that time.

Drs. Holtzman and Beaver created Rosa as a second-generation drug-disease modeling and simulation provider with the goal of combining the best features of classical PK/PD and large-scale mechanistic models into PhysioPD™ modeling, which combines the best features of both approaches.

Rosa’s advisors and staff bring broad clinical development experience, a unique perspective on the recent appreciation for drug-disease modeling within regulatory agencies, and a history of strategic management consulting related to the adoption of new analytic technologies. They have led the development of first-in-kind drug-disease models representing systemic sepsis, HIV/AIDS, acute respiratory infection, asthma, obesity, diabetes, adipocyte function, periodontitis, skin conditions, and neuropathic pain.