Business Researchers, Inc.

Leadership Team

Photograph of Phil Corrin

Principal Consultant Phil Corrin

Before joining Business Researches, Phil was a senior consultant at a management consulting firm in London that specialized in operations research and information technology solutions. He has worked for clients in the telecommunications, financial services and airlines industries and for British government agencies.

Phil has experience in a wide variety of areas such as text parsing algorithms, prototype decision support software, customer segmentation, retail staffing modeling, database design, .NET development and MS Office automation. He holds a BS in Statistics from the University of Northumbria, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Photograph of Neil Hillis

Principal Consultant Neil Hillis, Ph.D

Prior to joining Business Researchers, Neil was a principal consultant at SAS Institute. He has worked for customers in the retail, automotive and healthcare industries, providing services that have included analytical CRM, data quality and cleansing, web-based reporting and system architecture. As Chief Architect and Technical Lead, Neil has designed and developed frameworks for a variety of analytical applications. He holds a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of California Irvine.

Photograph of Bala Kandula

Principal Consultant Bala Kandula

Bala’s experience includes both architecting applications and managing development teams. As a senior technical architect, Bala has designed systems for the financial, retail, automotive, healthcare and legal sectors. These applications have covered functional areas that include Web, Workflow, OLAP and Reporting. He holds a Masters in Management Information Systems from Texas Tech University.

Photograph of John Wallace

Principal Consultant, Founder John Wallace

John has a long track record of applying data mining techniques to business problems. His work has included designing applications to analyze customer profitability, customer loyalty, product profitability and product quality. He has worked as an analytical consultant at SAS Institute as well as a Business Intelligence analyst at UUNET.

As a consultant, John has worked for clients in the automotive, financial services, ISP, grocery, wireless, retail, PC/server and consumer software industries. He has successfully managed application development teams, created system architecture, developed new analytical methodologies and estimated complex models. He has leveraged techniques including text mining, response modeling, segmentation and survival data mining. He holds an MBA in Decision Science from the George Washington University.