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Improve Your P&L with Analytics

Every business decision you make can affect the bottom line. The better your decisions, the more competitive and successful your organization will be. Because analytics enables better decisions, it’s one of the most valuable tools available for outpacing your competitors.

How can analytics affect your P&L?

Make More Money

Technique Customer
  • Regression, Association Cross sell/up sell
  • DOE, Regression Contact strategy
  • DOE, Regression Determine which leads to contact
  • DOE, Regression Pick best customers to send offer
  • DOE, Regression Pick best message to put in offer
  • DOE, Regression Decide how to send messages
  • Clustering Customer segmentation
Technique Product
  • ARIMA/ARMA modeling Better forecast to set stock levels
  • Linear programming Price optimization
  • Gravity model/geospatial regression Choose good store locations
  • Arithmetic Square inch analysis
  • Regression, Association Product recommendations

Avoid Losing Money

Technique Product
  • Survival/hazard regression Attrition
  • Control charting Product recalls
  • Actuarial science Set price in line with risk
  • Spreadsheet model Retire product lines
  • Linear programming Route products
  • Analytical hierarchy processVendor selection model
  • Regression trees Fraud
  • Regression Charge off models
  • Regression Differentiate service levels

Inform Strategy

Technique Product
  • ARIMA/ARMA modeling Market research
  • Linear programmingSegment customer base
  • Gravity model/geospatial regressionUnderstand buying cycle