Business Researchers, Inc.

Statistical Data Analysis and Application Development

We use analytics to help our clients maximize the value of their customer and transactional data. We offer a wide array of services, which are always tailored to the needs of the client.

Discovery/Analytic Assessment

When customers need a hand with the “I don’t know what I don’t know” problem, Business Researchers can facilitate a conversation to get an analysis off the ground. We develop a strategy for the analysis and identify the analytical objective, the data requirements and the definition of the finished product.

Statistical Modeling

Estimating difficult models is what we do. Identifying and creating the right response to the model, creating useful and stable inputs, screening variables and model back testing are all part of how we make models that provide a useful output.

Text Mining

We have developed significant expertise in text mining solutions. Our text mining methodology allows customers who have never built a model to conduct analysis of free form text to solve their business and engineering problems on their own. The custom text mining solutions we have built for several clients can now be used on more general problems.

Application Development

Analytical applications have requirements that differ from classic data warehousing or operational systems. Business Researchers makes it easy for customers to turn their thoughts into requirements. We prototype profusely and solicit continual customer approval throughout the development cycle. We have successfully designed, programmed and implemented dozens of production applications that have stood the test of time.

Our programming expertise includes:

  • SAS — Design, Best Practices, Programming
  • Statistical Modeling (SAS, R, SPSS)
  • Custom Analytics (SAS, C/C++, Excel Macros)
  • MS Office Integration
  • Relational Databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Web-based Reporting (.NET)
  • Intuitive User Interfaces (Excel, .NET)


Customized operational and sales reports provide the right information, in the right format, for the right audience. Even the best analytic data has no value if it isn’t user friendly. Business Researchers creates measurement tools and presents data in a manner that helps you make logical business decisions based on real data.


We have stepped in to lead teams on a temporary basis. We’ve also done specific mentoring on tradeoffs of design alternatives and coding best practices. We’ve even advised management about how to assemble an analytics team.


From playing a limited advisory role to full life-cycle development, we adapt our consulting skills to the needs of the project. We can provide any requested level of ongoing support, including production systems.