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Dashboard Screen

To Do

Todo Screen

Create and assign tasks or projects

Use Task Manager to distribute responsibilities to successfully complete small to large projects by creating transparency and accountability

Todo Screen by Person

Assign Tasks

Easily delegate and monitor tasks assigned to your staff members

Todo Screen by Project

Have a recurring project?

Create consistency by designing Templates for future projects


Todo Screen

Create and easily navigate through schedules in all departments. When changes have been made, simply post the schedule and it is distributed to your employees.

Manager's Log

Manager's Log Screen

Eliminate gaps in communication with a digital Manager’s log that your supervisors can review whenever and wherever. Capture your valuble entries, generate reports, and have the information you need to make better decisions.

Manager's Log List
  1. Live Feed

    A live streaming feed of entries ensures you won’t overlook a single update.

  2. Discussions

    Begin the problem solving process quickly by creating a discussion about an entry.

  3. Notifications

    Get an alert that an incident has occurred so that the situation can be handled promptly .

Team Discussions

Discussions Screen

Make it effortless for your staff to communicate with one another
in a centralized forum where discussing work issues is a cinch.

Discussions with Files

Attach a Document

Upload and share important files in your team discussions.

Discussions by Date

Organize Specific Event

Sync your special events bookings with relevant discussion threads and documents.

Great for event planning


Calendar Screen

Keep track of upcoming events and important meetings on one calendar.

Calendar Add Event

Streamline notifications

Group your employees to ensure they receive only updates that are relevant to them.

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